Daily Announcements–Thursday, October 11, 2021

Daily Announcements 

Truly, each day is a day of celebration…but October is a month full of special days. For instance, we are now celebrating the last days of Hispanic Heritage Month. During the entire month of October we are encouraged to recognize anti-bullying, breast cancer awareness and disability awareness and the people affected by these conditions. Other celebrations included in the month of October include World Teachers’ Day, World Mental Health Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day and World Food Day—just to name a few. Gryphons, take a moment each day to celebrate and to be intentional about what is good in the world about you. 


There will be only one entrée available in the cafeteria for lunch today. 


Grade 6-11 will take school pictures Friday, October 22. All students will have a picture taken for the yearbook. We will send picture order forms home next week. 


If you turned in a Mac to Street, sit tight. The IT personnel is not here yet. You’ll hear when your computer is back. If anyone else has log-in problems, see Ms. Street. 


Middle School Anime Club resumes today at 4:00 p.m. in Coach Gaffney’s room. You must be picked by 5:00 p.m. No exceptions. 


Do you have thoughts about gender, sexuality, relationships, race, stereotypes, or identity? Submit your poetry, art, stories, essays and other creative writings to the SCS GSA’s pride zine (A zine is a self-published magazine). Check the flyers around the school for more information and a link to submit. See a GSA member or Street with questions. Deadline is November 15. 


Hello SCS Family & Friends,

If a SCS family is interested in traveling to Italy with us during Summer 2022, the window to enroll in that trip will close at the end of December 2021. If you have questions regarding the trip being offered at this school, please contact Ms. Sims at Elizabeth_sims@dpsnc.net. There is also a link: www.eftours.com2395056zz

Ms. Sims looks forward to communicating with parents/students about with opportunity. 


The Annual SCS College Fair will be held TODAY. To participate in the event students MUST have a pass from Ms. Settle. Passes are limited due to COVID restrictions. 


October is Bullying Prevention Month. Here at SCS we want to make sure you understand how to define bullying and some common bullying behaviors. Bullying happens when people use their physical strength, popularity, or embarrassing information to control or harm others. These  behaviors happen more than once and include teasing, name calling, inappropriate comments, threatening to harm, spreading rumors, hitting, taking/breaking someone’s things, or making mean/rude gestures. Please find a trusted adult and report bullying behaviors. 


The North Carolina Forestry Association is hosting its 5th annual Forest Products Week Essay contest for NC students in 3rd-12thgrade. 


  • Top essays will be selected from the elementary, middle, and high school categories.
  • Students will receive a $200 Visa gift card.
  • The sponsoring teacher will also receive $100 Visa gift card for classroom materials and a scholarship to attend the Sustainable Forestry Teachers Experience the next calendar year.

Due Date: 

Essays will be due on the last day of National Forest Products Week (October 22, 2021.) 

Writing Prompts:

Grade LevelEssay LengthWriting Prompt
Elementary (3rd-5th)350 words or lessChoose one product you use every day that is made from wood.  How does this product help you? Why is it important? How would your life change if you did not have this product?
Middle ( 6th-8th)400 words or lessImagine you are a landowner that owns a large forest. Decide if you want to manage your trees for wildlife habitat, recreation, timber production, or a combination of all three. Research management techniques used by professionals to manage forests. Then, write your version of a management plan that summarizes why you are growing trees and how you will use which techniques to grow a healthy productive forest. 
High (9th-12th)500 words or lessHave you considered a green job as a career? Complete the Find your Green Job Youth Personality Quiz (SEE DIRECTIONS FOR A FREE ACESS CODE). Then, research one of the careers that matches your personality.  Summarize the role and include answers to the following questions.What education/experience is needed?What skills are needed?What do you find most interesting about this role?Why is this job important? Why did you choose this job? 

Visit our website for more information on the contest, including submission requirements and judging criteria.


The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is providing you an opportunity to win up to $10,000. All you need to do is write an essay describing and analyzing an act of political courage by a US elected official who served during or after 1917, the year John F. Kennedy was born. The contest deadline is January 14, 2022. More information can be found on our social media sites. 



2022 Graduates, 

Did you miss Jostens and still need to purchase your cap and gown?  Visit https://tinyurl.com/2k373kmy to place your order online.  Jostens has extended the cap and gown special price of $65.00 that includes taxes and shipping until further notice.  You can also customize your order by purchasing invitations, announcements, etc.


Yearbook in the making.  Graduates, do you want a famous quote displayed under your name?  Visit https://tinyurl.com/umk4tzr5. Due by Oct. 22, 2021.


All Juniors and Senior prom tickets are on sale right now for the special rate of $55.  This rate applies to all juniors & guests and senior guests only.  Seniors, please turn in your senior dues to Coach Barnes & Ms. Street.  This deal will end before Thanksgiving break.  


Want to order a 2021-22 SCS Yearbook? 

Visit https://strawbridge.fotomerchanthv.com/search/YB110739

  • $40.00 until January 14, 2022
  • $45.00 from January 15, 2022, to April 29, 2022 (FINAL ordering date)
  • Want to personalize your yearbook with your name?  Add an additional $10.00 to your order

View the yearbook flyer for visual steps


Students you are reminded to watch your distance from each other in the halls. Use the dots to guide you. Stay on the right side of the hall and keep your volume low because there are other classes in session.


All IT requests and issues should be submitted to the 

DPS IT Support Center  

There are 3 ways for you to contact us for support:

1.Visit https://itsupport.dpsnc.netLinks to an external site.

  1. Email ITSupport@dpsnc.net
  2. Call 919-560-3837 


Masks are to be worn at all times when on campus. They should cover your nose and mouth at all times. If you need a mask break, ask your teacher to go to a mask break area. 


Spirit Week – October 25-29

Monday: College/Jersey/Sports Day—What college or sport do you want to represent?

Tuesday: Twin Day—Find someone to dress like!

Wednesday: Dress to Impress Day—Business Casual Attire 

Thursday: Tacky Day—Show off your best wacky tacky spirit!

Friday: Costume Day—You decide on your costume but remember no props and you must still wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth (for COVID-19 protection) and wear no full face mask. 

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