Daily Announcements–Friday, August 13, 2021

Gryphons, think for a minute about just how powerful the brain is. Brain power is what is responsible for all of the inventions and creative concepts that keep us happy, safe and alive. Let us practice using our thoughts and imagination for good and powerful and purposeful living. When we focus on good, we do good for others in our environment. When we take time to think good, do good, be good…goodness is returned to us…often abundantly. As always Gryphons, let us be intentional and use our brains as a source of good. Let us practice thinking about thinking and take actions—on purpose—that reveal just how powerful our brains can be!  


Juniors and Seniors interested in pursuing college in history or political science, consider applying for the US Senate Youth Program. If chosen, you will spend a week in Washington and earn a $10,ooo scholarship. The application can be found on Ms. Settle’s website.


There will be no Basketball Club for middle or high school until further notice. We cannot properly socially distance during basketball play. Unfortunately, we are also putting a hold on volleyball club until further notice.


Hispanic National Honor Society will have a meeting Monday, August 16 after school 4:10—4:55 p.m. in Room 244. If you’re taking Spanish II, III, IV and you are interested, come to learn more.


Students, are you exhibiting self-awareness? This month we are looking for outstanding students who practice Thinking about Thinking and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning. Recipients will be rewarded with prizes and certificates at the end of the month.


Students you are reminded to watch your distance from each other in the halls. Use the dots to guide you. Stay on the right side of the hall and keep your volume low because there are other classes in session.


All IT requests and issues should be submitted to the 

DPS IT Support Center  

There are 3 ways for you to contact us for support:

1.Visit https://itsupport.dpsnc.netLinks to an external site.

  1. Email ITSupport@dpsnc.net
  2. Call 919-560-3837 


Masks are to be worn at all times when on campus. They should cover your nose and mouth at all times. If you need a mask break, ask your teacher to go to a mask break area. 


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