Daily Announcements–Friday, August 6, 2021

To be intentional means to act on purpose. Being kind is the most important intention we can have—for ourselves and for others. When we begin our day with a thought or action that is intentional about what we hope for the day ahead, being kind should be at the top of the list. A smile or a nod to let another know you see them, a word or greeting to say that you care, or an act that helps someone, even when they don’t ask are the most simple and intentional ways to be kind. Gryphons, be kind to yourself and others…on purpose!


The SCS  Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will meet Mondays after school until 5 in the Media Center. All are welcome. Come discuss LGBTQ issues, plan events, or just hang out.


Seniors interested in requesting early release or late arrival please come to the front office for the form. You must have a parent signature, parent email, and parent phone for your request to be approved. Students must leave campus EVERY DAY of the time requested. You are not allowed to remain in the building on without prior approval once your request is approved.


Attention all Juniors & Seniors: If you would like to be on this year’s Prom Committee, please come to our first meeting on Tuesday, August 10 during lunch by the gym. If you have any questions, please see Coach Barnes or Ms. Street.


Music Club begins next Wednesday, August 11 afterschool until 5:00 p.m.


Students, are you exhibiting self-awareness? This month we are looking for outstanding students who practice Thinking about Thinking and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning. Recipients will be rewarded with prizes and certificates at the end of the month.


The D&D Club will hold an informational meeting on Wednesday, August 11 after school in room 107. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.


Do you dream about traveling the world? Come to our informational meeting August 12 at 6:30 p.m. to learn more about the upcoming 2023 trip to Japan and 2024 trip to South Africa. Travel is so much more than just planes and trains! Join us in Japan to taste fresh sushi, or explore Kruger National Park in South Africa, both are very unique experiences. If your family is interested in such travel experiences, please RSVP to Ms. Sims by August 11 with the sign-up link on the flyers located around the school or contact Ms. Sims and she will send you the link.


Starting August 3, Ms. Sims and Ms. Soriano will open a fitness program which is offering a different platform each week.

Week 1—Zumba

Week 2—Yoga & Meditation

Week 3—Pilates

Week 4—Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation


Students you are reminded to watch your distance from each other in the halls. Use the dots to guide you. Stay on the right side of the hall and keep your volume low because there are other classes in session.


The Senior Meeting schedule is now posted outside of Student Services. The schedule will also be linked to the SCS Graduates Canvas page. Senior meetings begin August 4.


All IT requests and issues should be submitted to the 

DPS IT Support Center  

There are 3 ways for you to contact us for support:

1.Visit https://itsupport.dpsnc.netLinks to an external site.

  1. Email ITSupport@dpsnc.net
  2. Call 919-560-3837 


Masks are to be worn at all times when on campus. They should cover your nose and mouth at all times. If you need a mask break, ask your teacher to go to a mask break area. 


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