Bus Stop Information Service


Durham Public – Synovia Welcome to Durham Public Schools Secure Bus Stop Information Service Bienvenido al servicio de información de las paradas de autobuses de las escuelas públicas de … ei.synovia.com

Use this link to get to the online tool to check for bus stop information. There are couple things to note:

  • All student information may not be posted yet and the family should keep trying until Transportation updates.
  • If the tool tells you that there is no stop information available, for morning or afternoon, and directs you to contact the school, please know that we do not have the ability to resolve this matter. You may call us; however, we will only be able to confirm that the initial request for transportation is with the Transportation Department and they should be working to finalize and update the bus stop schedule.
  • At this time, the Transportation Department is working on Cohort B stops. The other Cohort stops will be populated soon.

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