Goal setting for 2021

Students will explore important principles of goal setting and strategies to help achieve their goals. This session will be offered at 9:00 on Wednesday, January 6th.  Zoom Link:


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Join us for our upcoming PTSA Dine out Night—at Chipotle Roxboro Rd. next Monday, January 11 from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. (See Price’s Write blog, Facebook/Instagram, and SCS Website for the flyer.)  

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Any students interested in the Marine Corp please complete the survey below.  If you would like to speak with a recruiter or have any questions, please contact Mrs. Settle.

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The Audacity Labs pitch event will be held January 8, 2021 from 6:30-8:00 PM EST. more info in the event description. Teachers and students can attend the event is free but requires registration in advance. Thank You!!!! 

Feel free to contact Andrew Bekheit for any questions!! 😉

Link for registration: https://tinyurl.com/pitch321

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The Ready, Set, App! challenge is an Android mobile app development competition for North Carolina students. Student groups will develop a functional and original mobile app using a mobile app development platform, such as MIT App Inventor, to solve a problem in their community or school. The top teams will get the opportunity to pitch their app at the Virtual Ready, Set, App! Competition in April to win Lenovo-branded prizes. Use the link HERE to register for the program. Visit https://readysetapp.devpost.com/.

  • Participants must be in 9-12th grade.
  • This competition is for public or public charter high schools in NC.
  • Teams of 3-5.
  • Each team must have an educator to serve as their advisor.
  • Projects do not have to be completed by Nov. 30th. After registration is complete, you will be provided additional resources to support your app development.

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Quick announcement: French Club will start NEXT week, on January 11, 2020 at 3 pm.

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The end of the quarter is January 15! 

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Welcome Back Gryphons!  It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to RE-new, Re-vive and RE-store all that is GOOD and to RE-ject all else.  What actions will you take to invite the best that 2021 has to offer you and the best that you have to offer 2021?

Choose to Celebrate your RE-turn to SCS and to be Intentional about your actions.  Choose to take advantage of being a GRYPHON and all the privileges that go with that … a Caring Community and a Super Staff equipped to REACH you and TEACH you about how to BE THE BEST YOU.

Join our Community Circle this Wednesday at 10:00 to RE-flect about 2021 and YOU.

Visit your CANVAS page for Wellness Wednesday for the Zoom Link. 

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