Daily Announcements–Monday, November 23, 2020

We are working on securing a substitute for Ms. Mitchell’s classes and will have lessons/activities posted to Canvas soon. We will  notify students via email when assignments have been posted. Students should contact Ms. Price  if they have questions. 

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The pandemic has impacted everyone at different levels, you are encouraged to see this time as an opportunity to rethink, reunite and re-connect for the wellbeing of yourselves and others. Instead of focusing on the downside, reflect on what you have learned and experienced during this difficult time and realize that nothing could be more important than your wellness and the well-being of others. 

We have all worked to provide non-traditional ways to connect with you and get to know you outside of the classroom. By working to create a sense of community with different programs, such as Wellness Wednesday Community Circles we offer opportunities for students to socialize and connect, even when physical distancing may be necessary.

Please read your Global Announcements on CANVAS and plan to join us on each Wellness Wednesday at 10:00 and share ideas about ways to BE WELL and support others in their efforts to do the same. 


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Delta Gems (Growing & Empowering Myself Successfully) is accepting applications. The goal is to provide educational and cultural enrichment to African-American adolescent girls, ages 14-18, grades 9-12, throughout their high school experience. Email deltagems@durhamdst.org

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Our high school students have done a great job taking the Career Matchmaker in Xello. 

Students need to complete the short assignment for the results to register as complete.

Please have all students to sign in to Xello World

  1.  Stroll to the bottom of the home page
  2. Click on CA Complete Matchmaker and
  3. Rank their top 3 careers and submit

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The Ready, Set, App! challenge is an Android mobile app development competition for North Carolina students. Student groups will develop a functional and original mobile app using a mobile app development platform, such as MIT App Inventor, to solve a problem in their community or school. The top teams will get the opportunity to pitch their app at the Virtual Ready, Set, App! Competition in April to win Lenovo-branded prizes. Use the link HERE to register for the program. Visit https://readysetapp.devpost.com/.

  • Participants must be in 9-12th grade.
  • This competition is for public or public charter high schools in NC.
  • Teams of 3-5.
  • Each team must have an educator to serve as their advisor.
  • Projects do not have to be completed by Nov. 30th. After registration is complete, you will be provided additional resources to support your app development.

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Join us for our upcoming PTSA Dine out Nights—City BBQ Hwy. 54 on December 3 and  at Chipotle Roxboro Rd. on January 11 from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

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Join our We Are Kings-Boys of Color Program meetings every 3rd Thursday, 4:15-5:15. Contact Coach Sanders, Mr. Blanchette, or Mr. Evans for more information. 

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If Durham Tech is your 1st choice please join our Durham Tech Liaison, Adam DeSantis, for an information session on 12/9 at 4pm.  Please email Mrs. Settle if you are interested in attending this event.

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William Peace University is waiving their application fees from Nov. 16th-27th. Application link https://admissions.peace.edu/apply/

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CFNC is hosting a Spanish language financial aid meeting for perspective college students.  The event is November 30 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in attending, please register on the link below.  


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