Daily Announcements–Friday, October 23, 2020

We held our Annual Spanish Spelling Bee last night. The team did a good job with collaboration of Harmony Fairley and Taylor Borden as facilitators.

The SCS participants:

Jamiya Borden

Rheanna Brunette

Christian Barron

Guadalupe Cabrera

Our own Guadalupe Cabrera placed 2nd place! Congratulations!

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  

Young Male Achievers/Jr. YMA is a nationally recognized student empowerment and leadership movement for males of color (anyone can join) in grades 6th-12th. In the last 7 years here at SCS, YMA members have been awarded over 1 million dollars in scholarships, have completed over 12,000 hours of community service, have virtually eliminated in school suspension and other discipline among its membership and lastly every April 15th is YMA Day of Service and Scholarship according to the City Council of Durham. YMA and Jr. YMA are led by founder Coach LeVon Barnes and co-advisors Mr. Marshall & Mr. Lewis. If you want to be a part of the Movement please come to our meetings on Wednesday at 10am, you can find the link on the SCS Club Canvas page.

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Come join Boys of color the Kings Program on the 29th of October at 4:15pm for our first meeting. Come be a part of something bigger than yourself. For additional information email Rasheen (Coach ) Sanders

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞ 

Now through November 10, students in grades 5-12 who have volunteered in the past year – virtually or in person – can apply for local, state and national honors, including scholarships of up to $6,000. 

Learn more about The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, student eligibility and resources for schools at https://spirit.prudential.com.

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞   

The 2021 Summer Session of NC Governor’s School has been tentatively set for June 20 – July 28, 2021.  This year, the testing requirement has been eliminated which will allow a more diverse group of students to submit applications. 

Students from DPS wishing to apply to Governor’s School for the 2021 Summer Session should meet one of the following criteria:

  • GPA:  Unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Class Rank:  Top 15% of class

Note:  Should a student wish to be nominated and does not meet one of the above criteria, two teachers can make an academic recommendation for a student.

Additional information, nomination information, and student application can be accessed at DPS Governor’s School Information

Our SCS Contact is Ms. Settle. 

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞    

We hope you are enjoying your Clubs experiences.   Click on the link below to join the SCS Canvas Clubs Course.  Our club advisors look forward to seeing you. You should email teachers if you are interested in a club but can’t make it to the meeting

https://dpsnc.instructure.com/enroll/FX4RB6 soon

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞   

Upcoming College Visits—The expectation is that Seniors will attend.  Go to the SCS Wellness Wednesday Canvas Page for the link.  https://dpsnc.instructure.com/enroll/A7TR8A

October 28th

Wingate 10:00 

UNCC- 11:00

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞   

We’d like to give you some reminders about Wellness Wednesday. It is still an instructional day, with asynchronous and social emotional learning, for all students.  The protocol for SCS is that students must log into Canvas, check into 7thperiod class and answer the Question of the Day by 2:00 p.m.

Click here to join the SCS Wellness Wednesday Course: 



Also, next Wednesday is an Early Release Day so there will be no Clubs held after 12:00 p.m. 

∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞   

Want to make this Halloween the best ever? If you will be 16 years or older on October 31st, you could have a blast and save at least 3 lives at the same time! The American Red Cross is hosting a high school only blood drive at Southpoint Mall on October 31st. Your blood donation during the event will contribute to scholarship money for our students here at SCS and there will be prizes and giveaways for donors. Stay tuned for more information! 

You can learn more about blood donation here or contact Dr. Rathbone at rita_rathbone@dpsnc.net


∞ ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞ ∞  ∞  ∞   


Duke Medical School’s HPREP is accepting new students from high school interested in the medical sciences.  A flyer can be found here. This is an outreach program designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to interact with medical students, faculty, and other health professionals.  A modest award may be provided to all accepted participants who meet program requirements. Tentative Dates for HPREP sessions are January 30; February 6 and 20; March 6 and 20; April 3 and 17; and May 1. For more information: sites.duke.edu/hprep.  The interest form is Due October 31st at midnight.

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