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Weekly Message–August 24-28, 2020

Good Evening SCS Families. This is Ms. Price with your Weekly Message for the week of August 24.

Well, we’re about to start Week 2! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and all of the perseverance you demonstrated last week. 

We have a great feature through Canvas called Global Announcements. The morning announcements are posted here for students and any other announcements that are of interest will be posted here as well. 

Two new documents have recently been shared: 

The Student Schedule Template for Remote Learning which provides an overview of the week and space for students to write their courses and teachers for each day:

And the New Technical Support Options for Students and Staff . These resources will be available on our website as well. 

We have asked students to check their Global Announcements and email daily. Please ask them to show you the Global Announcements also. 

Ms. Street will hold her final laptop distribution session tomorrow between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. in front of the school. 

Parents can visit to learn how to setup Canvas Parent Observer account. We are noticing many issues with students logging into classes late and/or leaving early. Please speak with your students about arriving on time and remaining in classes for the entire duration of the class. 

Ms. Sims has scheduled an online parent meeting Thursday, August 27th at 6pm on Zoom.  Parents will be presented with information about the current tour to South Africa as well as the 2022 tour to Italy.  Please visit the RSVP link to attend.

Here is your RSVP link:

 Here are some awesome videos:

Some of you have not picked up the  instructional materials that students need for their ELA classes. We also have science kits available for grades 6 and 8. So, students in grades 6 – 11 need to have materials picked up from school. They are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. Just stop by the main office during these hours. You may pick up materials for friends and neighbors. 

We all miss seeing each other, so we want to see and share how you’re working from home. Please share your photos of your work spaces and photos of you working during the day. Send your pictures to 

We’ll share on our social media pages. 

If this message is cut off or you miss some information, the full text is on my blog. The link to my blog is on the SCS website. I have changed my blog back to the WordPress platform so you can sign up for notifications when items have been added. The link to my blog is in the same location on the front page of the SCS website. Please make sure you get registered. 

Have a good evening from all of us at SCS where we practice the 4 C’s – Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Community.

Healthy Weeknight Meals

Cooking can sometimes feel like a chore at the end of a busy day. It’s often tempting to throw a ready meal in the oven or call for take out. But preparing a simple and healthy family meal doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Here are some quick wholesome dishes that you and your family will love. They can even be prepared in advance.

Better than Poutine

I know, what could be better that a steaming plate of fries, gravy and cheese curd? Fries, gravy, cheese curd and bacon, that’s what! Throw in some fresh shallots, chilli, and a splash of roasted bone marrow and duck gravy, and we turn this popular French-Canadian dish into a something sublime.

Breakfast at my House

During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.